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Intercultural Day

April 28, 2023

On the 24th of February, the school had an Intercultural day. The idea was thought up by the Parents’ Association and along with the Student Council, a plan was formed. All the students in the school were asked to create a flag from the country that they represented. The teachers facilitated this in the classroom and each child had a flag for the ‘flag parade’ at 9 that morning. The parents were invited into the senior school yard to look at each class walk around the pitch holding
a flag of their country. There was a lovely atmosphere created in the yard between the students and the children.

Parents and children who were interested were also invited to set up a stall in the PE hall of their country of origin after the parade. A huge amount of work was put by these parents and students and a total of 9
countries were represented in the hall. There was lots of food, interactive games, information and pictures from these countries and each class had time to look and find out about these countries. A huge thank you goes out to all the parents and students who created these wonderful stalls.

Thank you to the teachers for making sure each child had a flag for the ‘flag parade’. Thanks to the Parents’ Association and the Students’ Council for their work in organising the day. And a special thank you to
Sandra for putting lots of different flags at the front of the school which looked fantastic.

Mr Staunton

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