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Infants Christmas

December 21, 2023

December has been a very busy month for our four infant classes!

We have been working very hard on our nativity play ‘The Sleepy Shepherd’ and were so excited to perform it in front of an audience. There was a lot to remember – between songs, lines and dances – but we had a lot of fun and loved being able to join together with the other classes!

Ms Shine’s Senior Infants

Ms Casey’s Junior Infants

Ms Finnerty’s Reception

Ms McManus’ Reception

Some photos from our performances!


We also had a very exciting visitor to the school! We were so excited to have Santa come all the day to our visit us in our classrooms and loved asking him lots of questions about all the work he’s doing in the North Pole as he prepares for Christmas!


Well done to all our infants on a wonderful first term, looking forward to seeing you all back in January!


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